Control System-TE-510H Series V2.0

Computerized embroidery machine control system-TE-510H Series V2.0

This system has friendly man-machine interface and the operations are simple with powerful functions, which can greatly facilitate the operations of the user and improve the performance and efficiency.


  1. Multiple language supported, select the language according to you requirement
  2. The system can store 20000000 stitches and 200 designs
  3. Support common design file format : Tajima DST and Barudan DSB
  4. Strong parameter adjustment functions enable you to adjust various parameters according to different requirements
  5. The function of “Auto restoring embroidery after machine powered off” enables the machine to continue embroidering from the stitches just before the power off
  6. The function of “Self-checking of devices”enables checking the status and parameters of external devices and facilitates adjustment and maintenance
  7. The function of “Main axis stop position adjustment: enables to make main axis stop at the right position
  8. The function of “Auto memorizing of embroidery design parameters” enables to store the preset embroidering parameters including color changing sequence, the origin point, the offset point etc.
  9. The function of “Patching offset” enables to offset frame out in specified color if you want to do applique embroidery or any other reason. 

Please check the video for operation details, message us by the email if you still have questions! Happy Embroidery