Global Sales Partners Recruitment

10%-20% Commission of the Sale Price: Global Sales Partners Recruitment For Smartstitch Commercial Embroidery Machines.

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  • Our advantages:

    1. The lowest retail price of commercial embroidery machines on the markets

    2. The best quality and most stable embroidery machines

    3. Providing user video training, after-sales service and maintenance support for all machines

    4. 24 hours on-line service for all technical support

    5. Payment in installments

    6. Local speedy delivery service

    7. During the whole machine life, you can use all New brothread embroidery accessories with the most competitive price.

  • Global Partner Requirements:

    1. Embroidery enthusiast, embroidery business person, embroidery digitizer, embroidery class trainer, embroidery group/page admin or anyone interested to be our sales partner

    2. Able to provide embroidery projects and videos consistently

    3. Able to promote our brand and products on social medias consistently

    4. Always with us

  • Distribution Partners:

    Through agents, online channels and other ways to sell products to get commissions. Suitable for if you have a local embroidery shop, put one machine on your shop, that will be attractive for customers when they come to your shop.

  • Affiliate Marketing Partner:

    Promote company's products or services through your own website, blog or social media channels. When a user purchases a product or signs up for a service through promotional link, the partner receives a certain commission.

  • Content Partners

    Responsible for creating, editing or promoting content for the company, such as articles, videos, images, etc. Usually paid based on the cost of the piece or the effectiveness of the promotion.