Step 1 for Embroidery Business

First Step to do embroidery business is to find a suitable embroidery machine. Finding a suitable embroidery machine for your business involves considering several factors to ensure that you make an informed decision. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • 1.Define Your Business Needs:

    Determine the scale of your business: Are you a small-scale operation or planning to expand into a larger operation? Identify the types of products you'll be working on: Different machines excel at different types of embroidery, such as flat embroidery, caps, jackets, etc. Estimate the volume of work: Consider how many items you'll be embroidering per day or week.

    S-1201 is a good set-up embroidery machine,if you consider embroidery as a hobby but want to jump into a business, It is very suitable for you. S-1201 doesn’t have a big learning curve, you can easily master the machine by couple training.

    S-1501 is go-to next-level embroidery machine, if you have regular orders and have some good experience in embroidery, it is very suitable for you. S-1501 can improve your efficiency with great functions.

  • 2.Set Your Budget

    Embroidery machines come in a wide price range, so determine how much you're willing to invest. Remember to consider not just the machine cost, but also potential additional costs like accessories, maintenance, and training.

    Smartstitch knows the budget is a big problems for customers, so we try our best to provide the lowest price in the marketplace. Also we provide payment by installment, you can pay the payment monthly, but according to different countries’ policy, the repayment time is different.

  • 3.Consider Machine Features

    For examples, like Hoop Size, Number of Needles, Connectivity, Ease of Use, Durability and Maintenance.

Plenty of Functions for SmartStitch Embroidery Machine

Built in Fonts for easy monogramming and lettering projects

HUGE design memory capacity

USB Port – Easily transfer designs in or out by USB flash drive

Maximum speed 1200 SPM

Thread break detection

270° wide angle cap system

Pinpoint laser for perfect embroidery positioning

Extended light provides better visibility and protection

Machine reads main design formats - DST and DSB

Automatic color change

Automatic thread trimmer

Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy appliqué

Preset hoop parameters for easy operation

Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian,Italian and more

Automatic memory retention

Automatically find the central point of the frame to find the ideal embroidery place easily

Stop the machine ASAP using Emergency stop button

Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs

  • 4.Check Support and Training:

    Look into the manufacturer's customer support and training offerings. Some companies offer training sessions or materials to help you learn how to use the machine effectively.

    We offer online professional engineers having 20+ years experiences of servicing multi-needles embroidery machines for any technical support, local technical support of professional engineers is also available. We offer full-service professional training in pre-sale and after-sale, from getting started, installing, using, repairing, and maintenance during whole machine life.

  • 5.Warranty and Service:

    Understand the warranty terms and conditions. A longer warranty period can provide peace of mind.

    We provide one-year limited warranty covers parts and labor only, and does not include shipping costs or travel expenses by Smartstitch’s technicians for onsite work.

  • To sum up, based on your research, narrow down your choices and make a decision that aligns with your business needs, budget, and growth plans.

    Remember that purchasing an embroidery machine is an investment in your business, so taking the time to thoroughly research and make an informed decision is crucial for long-term success.