• We have invited some customers who are interested in the product to participate in the Live Demo. Thank you very much for your willingness to participate and give some valuable opinions.

  • The interactivity and real-time nature of Live Demo is of great significance to our early performance and product promotion.

    Here are some key reasons why a live demo is important:

1. Participation and interaction: Compared with static presentations or written documents, Live Demo face the audience in a more dynamic and interactive way. This engagement can help customers better understand and experience the presented product. We also have more space and ways to present products well to customers.

2. Proof of concept: Live Demo provide a tangible way to demonstrate the viability and functionality of a product, service or idea. Many customers don't know much about threading or hat embroidery, and they are too abstract. Then the Live Demo gave each other a chance to show the abstract things in a more tangible way. They provide a straightforward way to prove that something works as expected.

3. Trust and Credibility: A successful Live Demo builds trust and credibility among customers and sellers as it shows that Smartstitch is confident in its work and willing to demonstrate it live. When customers propose innovative or breakthrough concepts, we are also willing to accept and express them in a timely manner.

4. Problem Solving and Troubleshooting: Live demos are available for real-time troubleshooting or problem solving. For example, during demonstrations, when we encounter unexpected situations, we can enhance the learning experience for each other by explaining to customers how to identify and fix errors.

5. Training: Live Demo are valuable tools for teaching and training. If customers have any difficult problems to solve, commercial batch sewing is a field that requires practical experience, and we can solve them through Live Demo.

6. Good publicity: A Live Demo is a powerful publicity tool. They allow customers to see a product in action and understand its features and benefits more effectively than through written descriptions or static images.

7. Feedback and iteration: Presenting Live Demos can elicit immediate customer feedback. Every customer's real feedback is a valuable asset for sellers, and this feedback is also very valuable for product improvement and iteration.

8. Create Impact: Live Demo have the potential to create memorable moments that resonate with customers. A well-executed live presentation can leave a lasting impression.

9. Innovation and Inspiration: Live demos can spark creativity and innovation by showcasing practical novel ideas and concepts. Seeing something innovative live can inspire others to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

  • Overall, Live Demos provide a unique and immersive way to communicate complex ideas, demonstrate functionality, and engage with customers in a direct and meaningful way.