• Our commercial embroidery machines can be used in a wide variety of commercial settings to create intricate designs on a variety of fabrics, garments and materials. "Hat embroidery" refers specifically to the process of using these machines to embroider designs on the front panel of a hat or hat.

    Here's an overview of how our commercial embroidery machines work when it comes to cap embroidery:

1. Machine setting: S1201 is equipped with 12 needles, and S1501 is equipped with 15 needles, which can thread threads of different colors at the same time. For hat embroidery, we have a special hat frame or hat hoop. The frame holds the hat in place and ensures accurate positioning during embroidery.

2. Design Digitization: The first step is to create or obtain a digital embroidery design. Design files can be created using embroidery digitizing software, which converts artwork or logos into stitch patterns. The supporting software we use is software, and we will explain in detail how to use this software well in the following oral broadcast video.

3. Hoop preparation: Attach the hat frame to the embroidery machine and place the hat in it. The front panel of the hat should face up and the frame ensures the hat stays taut and centered for precise embroidery

4. Thread selection: According to the design, select the appropriate thread color and thread it into the corresponding needle position on the machine. Each needle can hold a different color of thread.

5. Machine programming: Load the design file into the control panel of the embroidery machine. USB used by our commercial embroidery machines. After importing, set parameters such as thread tension, sewing speed and any necessary design adjustments.

6. Embroidery process: After everything is set, the machine starts the embroidery process. It moves the cap frame and needle according to design instructions, creating stitches and patterns with selected thread colors. The cap frame can be moved in all directions, allowing the needle to create intricate designs.

7. Thread trimming and finishing: Our commercial embroidery machines have an automatic thread trimming function. This means the machine can trim the thread between color changes or at the end of a design to ensure a clean and tidy embroidery.

8.Quality control: After the embroidery is finished, remove the hat from the frame. Quality control is essential to ensure accurate designs, even stitches, and no broken threads or defects.

9. Cleaning and Ironing: Depending on the fabric of the hat, it may need to be cleaned or ironed to remove any stabilizer residue or wrinkles from the embroidery process.

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    In our long Live Demo process, hat embroidery is also a very interesting project for customers. If you have any doubts or difficult to operate during your use, please contact us actively.